Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Upcycled and Beautified: Makeup Tub!

As of late, my makeup bag has gotten a wee bit...erhm...crowded. With a surplus of many shades of brown/bronze eyeshadows (which I adore beyond words), I'm lucky to even get them all into the bag. If that is accomplished, it's impossible to zip the thing shut. So my makeup usually ends up spilling out on my nightstand or spread over my bed. As a result, some of it ends up UNDER my bed.

So I decided that I needed to fix this issue myself, and I would do it creatively.

I will willingly admit that I hoard things I think I could use later. I have a particular love for glass bottles, and containers are always kept and used for something. I'll keep bits of fabric to crochet with, as well as plastic bags for the same reason (I love to crochet with plastic). There are many other things that I save for the event that I may need them, but I am always tidy and never let those collections get out of hand. I'm an organized packrat....And proud.

So I had this wonderful butter tub I had been using to story ribbons and small crochet work in, and I decided it was going to get an upgrade. I washed the dust out of it, as it had been sitting open somewhere, then tugged over my pile of magazines and chopped out pictures of things that were inspiringly delicate; mainly flowers and soaps. 

Using some washable school glue and a paintbrush, I pasted the pictures onto the sides of the tub and folded them over the bottom as well. The pictures were pretty enough that I didn't feel the need to paste more pictures over them, so it's a pretty simple little tub, but I may add more in later. 

Now I have a container with room to spare for my makeup, and even my bottle of foundation fits in there! I'm quite satisfied with it, especially since I didn't have to buy anything. I was able to make something I needed out of what I already had, something functional and useful. It was highly satisfying.

Also, sorry for the lower quality pictures. These are from my phone since there seem to be NO AA batteries in the house to run my camera. It's an apocalypse, I tell you!

In between studying and memorizing a poem, I want to make something else, and I have my eyes on something to set my makeup on while I'm at the mirror at the end of my bed...without having to use my bed. I'm thinking a crocheted, removable hammock sort of thing.

Have a wonderfully creative and peaceful day, my friends. ♥