Thursday, October 24, 2013

Warm Up the Chilly Bees!

The native bees were cold today. Had to warm them up. ♥

Some would reach right out to my hand from the flower they were stranded on, seeking the warmth of my palm like a floatation device in an airy ocean of cold. Others would buzz loudly and refuse my help. The ones that did climb onto my hand, though, would wander around adorably, all over my fingers and wrist as they warmed up. Then they'd start rubbing their heads, and before I knew it, they were warm and flew away. My mom and I did this several times, using this opportunity as a great photo op. .

It was adorable. I love bees.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Flowers of Fall~

It's truly amazing how many flowers are still proudly blossoming in the cool, crisp outdoors. Standing like tall fairy-pillars in a blooming kingdom, these flowers have the most robust hues and tints. Ranging from periwinkle purple, to a dainty blush, to salmon-pink and screaming yellow, these flowers light up the quickly cooling world. 

Blossoms aside, the trees, though not quite yet the brilliant epitome of autumn that they were last year, are nonetheless lovely. With every gust of wind, they drop leaves all over those below them as if each delicate, crunchy, used-up solar panel is a chunk of treasured chocolate landing into the bag of an awaiting trick-or-treater. As a wandered down a street lined in tiny-leafed trees, the wind blew just right and set hundreds of the leave hurtling over me. I'm sure plenty were in my hair and more than plenty has somehow snuggled into my jacket. I far from cared, though. The closer I get to nature, the happier I am.

It was such a pleasure to take a stroll outside. It has been forever since I have been to this particular place, and it started my day rather peaceful and airy. All of the Fall decorations made me feel even closer to the coming holidays, too!

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall day! ♥

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ghost Songs

Ghost Songs
Legends tell of see-through things
Barely seen by eyes
Silent, slinking, sighing songs
Lost beneath the skies 

A breath of wind seeps through the walls
Of every cabin here
And there are rumors that some have seen
Something white and sheer

They make no sounds when they come
Apart from whistling air
They have no goals at all except
To give a frightful scare

And their scares are terribly good
Causing yelps and screams
Bringing amusement to those floating things
That murmur in quiet teams

What happens to these beings
During the daylight?
None have asked, and they won't tell
For none dare interrupt them each night 


Another fall inspired poem I also wrote for a group of friends. 
This one I am particularly fond of, and I hope you enjoy just as much as I do.
I hope to share more poems with you all in the future, because I'll certainly be writing them!

Have a lovely Tuesday! ♥

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Season in Verse

The Warm Heart of Autumn
There is a warmth of autumn fires
Beyond the feeling hands
More than just burning tongues
And shimmering coal-filled sands 

Autumn fires shine their light
Into the chilled, dark nights
Where every glow touches shadow
And spooks away all frights

The logs within glisten dim
Until a burst of heat
Throbs along the black like glass
Reflecting orange-red sheets

Ashes float upon the smoke
That's wafts skyward in clouds
Scenting the air with a wood smell
Moving through treetops in shrouds

But most of all, I remember the sound
A gentle crackle-pop
That bids me welcome, makes me stay
"Abide with me, and never stop." 


I wrote this not too long ago for some friends in a writing club that I'm part of. Out of all forms of writing, poetry is my favorite. I'm a poet by nature, and have been ever since I can remember. So when a prompt came up in my group for autumn, one of my favorite seasons, I couldn't resist in the slightest!

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone! I know it's the start of a work week, and may seem tough, but smile. You are alive and breathing again! Take some time to inhale and just savor the cold air coursing through your lungs. ♥

P.S. I woke up this morning to the smell of the house furnace being turned on for the first time this season. Nothing makes me happier than that smell!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Solving the Yarn Problem!

If your art includes plenty of yarn, you're probably like me in the fact that once you amass enough of this stuff, there is no ideal place to store it so that you can easily get to it. My solution was a large bag under my bed. Sadly, this bag was forgotten over the school year by me, but not by my cat. As a result, I would come home to find the large plastic bag shredded, and my yarn all around the house. Well, yarn collects fuzzies, and the last things I want is for it to be dragged around by playful kitties! So I started hiding the bag. No use. She'd drag the bag out of wherever I had hidden it (which is amazing considering four of her could fit in the bag), then tear into it.

She's left it alone now that I'm almost always in my room now, but the contents were all knotted up and terrible. It was the Death Star of yarn in there. So I took the time to straighten it all out and organize it all into the above creation. Initially meant for shoes, used throughout my life to hold Barbies, now used to hold yarn and thread! And it keeps the door from slamming into the wall when it's opened. Double win!

This sort of thing happens when I get in the mood to organize. Now on to the rest of my room!

 Have a lovely, organized Thursday, my friends! ♥

Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn in My Corner of the South.

{Oh, the mountains! My favorite place to be! We all went last week and had a fabulous time!}

{The hiking trail was beautiful, as was the view from the overlook we hiked to.}

{What is this? It's a block of tea!}

{These are a few shots from the inside of the Cheif Vann house historic site we visited! I'd been there once before when I was younger, but only now could I appreciate the story and interior.}

{The sunny, lovely balcony on the second floor. It was the epitome of its time -- so Southern. Add some lanterns on a warm summer evening, and it would be magical.}

{More shots from around the site. So Southern here.}

{This evening we had another bonfire: one of the things I LOVE about fall.}

{It was a great evening to sit by the warm fire pit, roast marshmallows, chat happily with the family, and write some autumn poetry!}

This is my Fall in the South. 

What does you Fall look like?

Have a great weekend of adventure, my friends! ♥