Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bee's Knees

Bees and sunflowers with a hint of home grown pears? Yes please. =3

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Churning Beauty

Nothing beats the sound, touch, and sight of a good (non-severe) thunderstorm. The darkening sky dimming the window-lit rooms to an ashen twilight, causing one to peer out from behind a curtain and between the blinds to see the wind rough-housing with the trees to the point of seeing little shiny green leaf underbellies fluttering and clutching to their mommy branch. Such wind then rattles against the sides of the house, begging for play time with the things on the front porch, the back.

One such magnificent storm bellied its way over my home. One look outside and the camera was fetched to catch the lowered, churning ceiling. It was beautiful, standing with the screen door propped open, letting the suddenly cool air flush into the house along with the occasional shelter-seeking leaf. The rain had not yet started, though several tiny flecks warned of the coming downpour. Once my photo-taking thirst was quenched, I ran to the back door, pressing my nose to the glass to watch as the darkest of the clouds slid over the treetops and beyond. Soon after came moans of thunder and licks of lightning split the bellies of the clouds and released the wondrous drops.

The lights flickered once in this snuggy casa, but the power goes out often here. It's perhaps even snugglier then than when the electricity is on because candles are gathered from all over the house and placed on the piano, casting a warm glow across the entire room. And everyone gathers there. My parents talk, I sometimes read my Kindle, the peewees play, and my sister draws or plays her guitar, in which case I am often urged to sing along. I comply without much struggle.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mental Kick in the Backside

I just realized that I have not taken any new photos of anything at all this month. My supply of photography to post here is running deadly slim and I have done nothing these past several weeks to replenish it! Of course, it doesn't help me to make it outside and take pictures when the threat of ticks zoning in on me is inevitable. O~O

Perhaps I'll don some long pants tomorrow, tuck them into my boots, and venture out with my camera before the sun comes out!

Funny thing about that...then I get eaten alive by skeeters. -sigh-

Sunday, June 19, 2011

With the surplus of congratulation letters, my handwriting has been getting a workout. I rather love it. It's such a thrill to see letters and cards for me in the mail! =)

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lovely, Lovely Water-Time

"Sailors feel calling waves and salty veins
Never have they been able to resist
With soft coos of ocean gulls reverberating recklessly
The depths do inevitably insist

Such sailors lead life upon the stirring seas
Gritty wind at their backs
Through bouts of calm and shouts of war
Through emptiness, attacks

Living was best withing the walling waves
And land was like a tomb
Flat and one-dimensional
Nothing like the rocking white-cap blooms

No longer are there mighty oak hulls
Or pale sails to maintain
But within the iron frames and steel shells
The sailing spirit remains

Perils are intensified for tales of old
Such things, perhaps, are no less now
Though no chest of gold awaits
Purpose still flows over the bow

No raging monsters stir from coral crevices
Most sirens dwell inland
But still the silently sloshing depths do beckon
To the hearts of every sailing man"

A little something I wrote for some friends a while ago. And while these photos are of a lake and not the ocean, I felt this would perhaps help to illustrate and entertain.

The lake is one of my favorite placed to be. Whether I'm sitting in the bow at the mercy of wave-spray and musty , or settled cozy in the rear beside the roaring engine, feeling the subtle warmth it emits as its power shoots us gleefully across the water's surface, I am always content.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Send My Joy to Become Yours

I love to make 'thank you' cards, and this is by far my prettiest one yet. It took a day of hard work to make, believe it or not (searching for the right pictures through a dozen+ magazines is a trip in and of its own), but everything came out so well. The colors were perfect, the patterns...everything. I'm very happy with this little work of art and hope that it brings joy to the person receiving it.

Is there anything better than a letter addressed to you? With all the fast ways we have to write these days -- emails and texts -- it is quite a rarity to receive an enchanting little creation addressed just to you. You open the mailbox, sliding out the usual bundle: envelopes wrapped in those thin advertising catalogues wrapped in fliers wrapped in the newspaper. You resolve to quickly graze your eyes through them, assured that nothing but bills and junk mail dominate, and then! Then a colored envelope catches your eye, and suddenly the joy meter in your heart shatters and the contents spill out in your smile as you realize that someone, dear to you or not, has taken the precious time from their day to write a letter of their own feelings and thoughts to you, for you above all people deserve or could possibly appreciate them.

It is humbling and enthralling.

Do you like letters as much as I do? =3

The Beauty of the Goose

If only you could have seen her chunky little legs paddling as fast as they could under the water. It would have made these pictures even better. =3

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shelf Love

There is a bookshelf in the corner of my room right beside my desk that is possibly the most packed piece of furniture aside from the dressers and closet. But while those are packed with everything from skirts and sweaters to my favorite dresses, the bookshelf is loaded with books, magazines, my crochet work, treasured video games and various other trinkets that I can't bear to be without.

A dresser used to be in its current resting place, but after some much needed rearranging of desks and dressers, two large bookcases moved in, giving my ginormous collection of books and magazines a formal place to bear the spines. Soon after a Japanese tea set joined in, numerous reed diffusers, candles, 'Better Homes and Gardens' issues from way back when, a doll, and a typewriter I got for a dollar joined in, creating the cluttered, yet lovable, mass of all things Liz that now resides happily beside my current position.

There are five shelves in all, and only two are completely packed to the hilt organized with my books, games, manga magazines, and other goodies. The bottom two shelves lack such grace, and the very top shelf...I don't know exactly what its excuse is. x3 The bottom shelf holds my decoupage magazines, a box of plastic bags destined for crochet, my typewriter, and a few random nick knacks and books. The second from the bottom is loaded with yarn, plastic bags, and finished crochet projects; it is almost always a mess. And the top shelf is, as much a I hate to admit is, probably full of the stuff I just can't bear to throw away. -wide grin here-

All in all, I love my shelf and hope I can take most of it with me when I move out in the future. Of course, why take the games if I won't have the systems? -sniffle sob- ;~;