Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Send My Joy to Become Yours

I love to make 'thank you' cards, and this is by far my prettiest one yet. It took a day of hard work to make, believe it or not (searching for the right pictures through a dozen+ magazines is a trip in and of its own), but everything came out so well. The colors were perfect, the patterns...everything. I'm very happy with this little work of art and hope that it brings joy to the person receiving it.

Is there anything better than a letter addressed to you? With all the fast ways we have to write these days -- emails and texts -- it is quite a rarity to receive an enchanting little creation addressed just to you. You open the mailbox, sliding out the usual bundle: envelopes wrapped in those thin advertising catalogues wrapped in fliers wrapped in the newspaper. You resolve to quickly graze your eyes through them, assured that nothing but bills and junk mail dominate, and then! Then a colored envelope catches your eye, and suddenly the joy meter in your heart shatters and the contents spill out in your smile as you realize that someone, dear to you or not, has taken the precious time from their day to write a letter of their own feelings and thoughts to you, for you above all people deserve or could possibly appreciate them.

It is humbling and enthralling.

Do you like letters as much as I do? =3