Saturday, March 24, 2012

Procrastination is Bliss (though is it procrastination if is in fact the weekend?).

The family bunnies have arrived! Two does and one buck. These lovely bunnies are ever so soft; so soft, in fact, that you can hardly feel them! Okay, you CAN feel them, but that's beside the point.

Apparently, back before time began, we dumped the remains of Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns into the garden, afterwards completely letting their existence slip from our minds. There the orange goo rotted, leaving the seeds alone in the dirt all winter. Now that they have sprouted in one large cluster, we remember them again.

Our chicks are growing into quite lovely little preteens. Soon we will have homegrown eggs again! But until that time, we shall sit and stare at the frizzle...because she's cute. ♥

With newly cleaned empty-bottle in hand, I pulled on my working boots and embarked on a quest to find as many four-leaf clovers as I possibly could. My mission gained quite a bit of attention, and soon I was joined by my younger sister...who, in actuality, was simply following me around from patch to patch so she could snag the four-leafers before I could. Sneaky little girl, indeed.

After two hours of toiling about in a hunched over position, I gathered enough four-leaf clovers to carpet the bottom of my empty bottle -- and to my most jittery excitement, several FIVE-leaf clovers joined the four-leaf ranks in their glassy quarantine.

^-------Glassy Quarantine. 
(After this, the chosen clovers were escorted to my room, put between two paper towels, squashed flat, and placed under a multitude of gaming magazines. There they shall sit until they have dried and flattened to my utmost approval. What I'll do with them afterwards, I don't know, but I sure am lucky!)

Clover quest complete, I found myself aimlessly wandering about the front yard, newly re-emptied bottle in hand and camera around neck keeping me company. As I walked by her, my mother passed down to me knowledge which spurred me on to gather up materials with which to execute the most brilliant idea I have had in a long time. I ran about the house like a mad woman before diving into my room, only re-emerging with the remnants of a long-since broken necklace, the strap from a little carrying box thing I have had since I was young, and some wire. The story that spurred me into the hunt for such materials was this: if you put a bottle over a pollinated pear blossom, not in the direct sunlight, the pear will grow INSIDE the bottle and conform to its shape! The idea was so mind-tingling that I just had to do it! So I got my bottle and my materials, hopped up on a cinder block (for I am naturally short and struggle to reach even the not-so-high places), and suspended my bottle from a branch so that a round-chubby pear blossom was inside the neck. I shall now sit and wait in hopes of it actually working, and I will break down and cry if it doesn't....What will I do with the pear once it's done growing inside the bottle? ...I have no idea, but it sure will be cool. -cackles-

The parsley is growing in the garden again! The stalks are huge and quite tall, so I grabbed some scissors and hacked away! After all, we have five beautiful guinea pigs that need munchies. And what a treat to have the first munchies of the season!

Needless to say, the munchies were well received...and didn't last even a minute.

Now I have an persuasive paper to outline. The faster I get it done, the sooner I can run back outside and continue to enjoy this wonderful Saturday!

Here's hoping you all have just as fun a Saturday! x o x o

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rain, Rain, Coming With Grace

Riding home in the car, I was squirming in my seat, for I was in torture! The stark contrast of lime green trees reaching toward the bubbling silver skies is perhaps one of my most favorite things to see in nature (aside from grassy glades, mossy stone walls, and wisteria. I am strongly weak for those things, but that's another story altogether).

The rain is pouring outside now, and the wind rustles the branches of trees like an aunt ruffles her niece's hair, fingers shaking loose every possible strand before abandoning it to dishevelment. In contrast to a niece's rumbled locks, the frazzled look is what I find most appealing in stormy nature. The way the wind and water just takes over as if to say, "Bath time, Miss Nature!" And in the wake of the showers, the air, at least to me, always reeks like a freshwater fish tank~!

What's your favorite mood of Mother Nature? And what causes it? The colors, the smell, or just the feeling it sends coursing through your flesh?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Speaking of the Missing Spring

As the sunlight streams through the windows of my sister's room, striking the glass jar containing my ice tea (though the ice had long since dissolved), I note with some amount of sadness that winter has fused directly into summer without so much as a hint of spring being able to squeeze between the seams. The dainty pink blossoms of the peach tree outside the window of my new room have all but vanished, and the bubble reddish blossoms of the cherry trees beyond are fizzling away slowly. The pear trees, some distance to the left of the yard from my window, sport nothing but vivid green summer leaves now; their blossoms had opened in late February and are now dearly departed, but there is one lone, scraggly pear tree just now releasing his dainty (albeit, smelly) blooms. Most of the petals have vanished from the ground, fairy footprints invisible in the real world. All nothing but a memory.
Between college classes and homework, I have had to organize my free time so that I can spend time with my family. It is because of this that I have hardly noticed the sudden change of seasons. While this was certainly disappointing in many respects, it did allow me to pursue one of my favorite hobbies as I'd spend time with my family. While sitting beside my brother as he plays video games or sitting in my sister's room in the evenings before I go to bed, I crochet. My creations range from 'granny squares' to ties for my bedroom's curtains to washcloths and coasters, recently. I even plan on selling some.

It's on days like these that I would love to leave my bedroom window open just to invite the cool breeze inside. But with the breeze comes pollen, and with pollen comes my sister's sniffling. And I can't torture her like that, even if I don't seem to have an issue with the floating yellow fluffies...yet. I'm sure my sniffles will start sometime soon in the future. Until then, I'm still going to open my window in the morning and evening when it's not hot out. 

Why? Because I like to.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Well Look Who's Back~

Life can be quite the roller coaster ride sometimes.

Clearly (and regrettably) , I have been gone for some time. But while my presence has been pulled from this blog, this blog has not been pulled from my mind. Even though I am busy now, what with college taking up most of my time, I always think about this blog and yearn to find time to continue it.


Even though I may not be able to post every day, I really, truly want to get back into my photography and arts. I have been crocheting, and I have been writing, but it has been...shall we say, unfulfilling in some respects. Homework and keep my schedules straight during my college time is, let's face it, even though I lovelovelovelovelovelove it, stressful. I used to be able to stay awake until 11 pm at night without feeling the slightest bit drowsy. Now? I'm the living dead by 9 pm. My weekends are spent spending time with family mostly, so there, in all honesty, is very little time for me to just kick back and do something I find relaxing. I have come to realize that photography is my little escape, and I miss it so. So, with my whole schedule worked out now (somewhat, mainly due to tests), I am going to try to get back into all of the stuff that makes this blog great, my photography being the main staple of this virtual eye-diet.

How I have missed coming here. Really I have. There are so many things about writing and posting pictures here that can seriously relax me, and having someone here to read and look at it all is what I look forward to most.

Now to find some pictures to post. It is spring, after all. I can FINALLY wear t-shirts again. -fistpump-