Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dabbling Incorporated is Moving!

Hello all! Hope you have been well! After much consideration, I have decided to move the main updating of this blog to two different blogging realms: that of Instagram and Twitter! This will make updates not only easier for me, but also more often for you to read. Overall, it's a win win.

So, without much ado, here are the links to where you can find future updates!



I will keep everything here as-is for reference's sake, so no worries. 

Thank you all, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Outdoor Dreams

When work and school are in full swing, it's nice to reflect on those days outside. Picnicking in the mountains and fishing with the family are some of my favorite things to do, and now that the weather is lovely, I want to go do these things more than ever. However, homework says I can't, and my work schedule is just about full time (which I honestly love because my job is fabulous!). So, for this fall and coming-winter, I shall be indoors. I do plan on working some side projects in when I get the chance, though, so while I may be slow-posting here, I am working hard on new content and info for this blog that I love so dearly!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday~! ♥

Friday, August 7, 2015

The First Week of August

Upon stepping outside yesterday afternoon, this little one promptly decided to land on me and stay on my shirt as I crossed our wide yard on my way to the driveway. Having to get into the car, I shook my shirt gently to swoosh him away, but when I got into the car and closed the door, guess who was on the window on the inside? This little darling! I found it quite amusing, and so did my little brother... if not more so. My mom said I must've had something magical about me right then. I simply think butterflies and little moths like to land on me, as it seems to happen quite often.

I return to school on the 17th, taking four lovely online classes. I'm excited, and pray that the load of work won't be so bad that I have to quit my job, for I truly, completely, and totally love it there. My manager is a fantastically kind woman, and she really makes the work environment one you simply wish to stay in all the time. So I will be balancing these four classes with salon time once more, and possibly some more church-related activities if the load isn't bad. As it stands, there is a possibility that I will follow my little ones from last year into the second grade choir, which would be fantastic as everyone in my family knows those little ones as my babies.

On the creative front, I have an ongoing crochet project that leaves skeins of yarn all over the top of my dresser. A very vintage flower-motif purse with a pattern that slightly confuses me. I may be pulling out a ton of stitches just to make sure I get the directions right, as in all my years of crocheting I have never quite seen a pattern like this. This artfulness aside, I am working on designing my own yearly/weekly/daily planner (following inspiration from my boss!) which I hope to have finished soon! I have an obsession with organization as it is, and organizing one's time is truly an art. The planner is much to detailed for me by my lonesome, but I will no doubt be testing out the design on several people before I make the artistic design of it final. I adore creating stationery-type things, so if this goes well, I may well not stop.... And I shall not complain about such.

Reading wise, I am still plugging through my growing collection of books, still in Philippa Gregory's novels. I am currently reading the Virgin's Lover, the fifth book in the Tudor series and the first solely about Elizabeth I. I had mixed feelings about this novel at the start, finding it very hard to become interested in due to the fact that it seemed to be very much like a fanfiction between Elizabeth and Robert Dudley (it still is to some degree), but now some politics have entered the picture and I find it easier to read. I still disdain, however, how I am being made to despise my most favorite historical figure.... While most of it may be accurate, I still find Elizabeth to be... overly reckless and heartless, which disturbs me slightly.... Even though there is a very high likelihood that this trait was inherited from her mother. As I said, though, I am able to read through it more steadily, and I truly pity Robert Dudley's wife. Having despised her in the previous book, I now understand why she was such a cling lunatic, and I pity her very much for being married to a man who has no desire whatsoever to let her settle down and run a farm as she has always dreamed.

On a totally random side note, my sister's birthday is on Monday, and I am finding it very difficult to STOP buying her things. I tell you... difficult! I had three gifts to start, gave one early, and now I have five more! My word, my word, I have problems. I think I know her too well.

Well, my coffee is about gone and there is a whole room and desk I must tidy up before school and work kick back in to full gear, so I shall cease my ramblings for now and go enjoy the cooling-summer air for a while. 

Have a wonderful Friday, all!