Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Love BEEing in the Summer Garden

{honeybees on oregano blossoms}

{bee balm and echinacea}

{red rocks beardtongue}

{pumpkin blossoms (with sleeping honeybee), pumpkin leaves, and baby pumpkins}

{baby figs}

{my famous pear-in-a-bottle and so many pears that the trees are sagging}

{summer squash and green beans}

The gardens are thriving, as are the bees. Everything is vivid and the brightest, purest green imaginable. These sights truly make the summer heat bearable...though the mosquitoes and ticks could vanish, making summer even better, because then I could go outside and sit in the shade without being snacked on.

Speaking of snacking, the family has been enjoying the home grown veggies, and my favorites are the zucchinis. So far we've had those, summer squash, and green beans as extremely healthy additions to dinner, and I never tire of them! The pumpkins, however, have a foggy future: wait for Halloween or eat them? I cannot help but grin evilly at the thought of carving them, but I have never eaten a pumpkin that wasn't blended up and put into a pie, so....

 I know, I have been missing for a while! I don't know how long it has been, but I promise the blog was on my mind the entire time. My mom let me attack her art desk yesterday and I had the grandest time cleaning and re-organizing it. Really. I'm not joking. It looks so nice now, and I spent most of this morning sculpting. I have this wonderful idea for a series of miniature sculptures, and hopefully it will go somewhere. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful weekend and Father's Day! ♥