Monday, August 4, 2014

A Bit of Verse!

 "Second Glance"
An original poem by Elizabeth Brown

If there were a time and place
When I could cast my gaze upon your face,
Yet never once feel disgrace
For seeing you clearly without
Any biased information in mind,
Regarding such thoughts minimally
Blinking twice, noticing completely
How features unnoticed prior
Have totally shifted, an outlook skewed
Before now, corrected sheen
Reputation fresh, replenished, clean
With affection growing inside
Heart beating, ringtone-like
Constant, bold, true sight
Still, ashamed to let eyes wander

We again, lost at sea

* * * *

Wrote this today for an online group of artist friends and decided to share it with you! No word is used more than once, which was a challenge! I also did not use a thesaurus, as the group said I should try to do without just for the fun of it!

That essay I promised will be done soon! Back to school season has hit the salon and I have been running around nonstop while at work and sleeping soundly when I get home. This aside, family things have been happening at the same time, shortening my free time. So you shall see this essay from me soon! I keep thinking about it and feel so bad that my time ha kept me from really getting it busted out, but it can't be avoided.

Please enjoy this poem in the meantime!

Have a lovely Monday, everyone! Miss you all!