Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chilly Rain in My Bones

It's dreary today. It's been cold and overcast almost all week, and the times it has been sunny are the times I'm indoors with no free time.

I love rainy days dearly, but when they come one day after another nonstop...I feel my creativity just dwindle down the yard with the little streams of water. The rain is very much needed, and I know that it probably isn't a direct cause of my lack of wanting to do anything creative, but just a clear, warm day on the weekend would be enough to perhaps help me find what exactly to make. I can't seem to write anything, I can't crochet anything, I just feel dull. As dull as the little abandoned bird's nest that sits in the leafless shrubs outside my bedroom window.

Inspiration shall return, I know it will. But for now I'll have to wait and continue my work.

I'm sorry for the lack of interesting things to say lately, but the weather combined with my busy schedule leaves little room for much lately. When I do have something fun and interesting to say, I will more than willingly share it with you all here. In the mean time, wish me luck as I sludge through the lacking mud of lost inspiration in search of the perfect spring craft project.

Love you all, and thanks for sticking around. ♥
Have a wonderful weekend, and may next week be bright, warm, and inspiring for you!