Friday, September 19, 2014

The Blossoms of Autumn

These are the faces of the changing season, peeking out at me from very many places. Summer has yet to release her grasp fully, sending her flecks of color out into Autumn's still-green territory. 

I do not know what type of flowers the littlest pink ones are, but they are certainly lovely and perhaps my favorite wild flowers in this transitional time.

The shadows play in the meantime, and the figs and muskedine grapes find new life between the dance between light and simple darkness.

I feel different today. In a good way. Almost as if it is not just the season changing, by myself as well. I'm having a personal season change that I cannot yet see the colors of. 

Off to work now. Have a wonderful Friday, all! Go out and enjoy the earth a bit before heading out into routine! ♥

Sunday, September 14, 2014

These Are the Last Days of Summer

Dearest Readers:

Many, many apologies for not posting here in such a long time, but life has gotten to be quite busy once more! Between work, four online classes, and now teaching a choir, my free time is spent sleeping or eating at designated times. It has been a wonderful -- albeit exhausting -- experience that I am still a part of!

Today, though, I am resting. Homework is done, I don't work this Sunday, and the family is planning out the day for my little brother's birthday. After this week, I am quite ready for some time to relax... even if it is for but a day.

I did manage to get some pictures not too long ago, and just this morning decided to take some time and touch them up so they were pretty enough to post here. I went out in search of the traces of autumn, and let me tell you that there are certainly more today than there were when these pictures were taken. It is rainy most days now, here in the South, and the days have just suddenly stopped heating up. The wind is rustling the trees almost constantly, and the clouds race across the skies forever. The sunlight is dancing. I have come to find that sunlight in particular shows the first signs of fall coming, for it turns more of a white than it is in the summer, and it seems to be cooler than normal. It is refreshing to the skin, and I often love to sit and just stand in the path of a stream of this particular light. Summer light is exhausting and the creamiest yellow, but fall sunlight is a creature of its own, most certainly.

Fall has pretty much gotten into my veins and I pine for the mountains now. I speak of going there almost every day because I miss the places there so greatly. Beaches are beautiful, but I am a mountain girl through and through. I crave the trees and the winds and the rocks. I have been telling my family to go up to one of the mountains I love to visit in particular and then just leave me there. "I shall become a wild person!" I'll tell them. They don't quite seem to get the same amusement out of it that I do, though.

But, alas, I am not in the mountains. I am at my computer among a cluttered desk. I find myself utilizing weekly planners and calendars now more than ever, and I have moved a small table my grandmother gave to me beside my desk simply to hold all of my school books. I really need to take some time in between homework and tidy up this room of mine. It looks like a college student lives here! ...Wait.

I miss posting here so badly! I don't know when I'll be able to really get a chance to sit down and write here again, seeing as I am running two presentation groups in my classes, working on three different projects alongside weekly work, working in the salon (I have color stains on my arms! Haha!), and just spending a few short moments here and there mentally recuperating. It's exhausting, my friends! I thought this semester was going to be less stressful than my last one, which I am sure you remember, but it has not been so far. The only nice thing is I don't have to sit in a classroom all day. I sit at my computer all day, which, in truth, is nothing new to me. I just do it far more often now. Hah.

I'll continue collecting material to share here! Even if I don't post, I am always thinking about things to share with you all. I shall have quite the collection of pictures and writings to share with you all soon, if not some stories from my ever-changing life in general.

Thank you for being loyal readers and wait-ers. 

Have a blessed -- AND COOL -- week! ♥