Friday, September 19, 2014

The Blossoms of Autumn

These are the faces of the changing season, peeking out at me from very many places. Summer has yet to release her grasp fully, sending her flecks of color out into Autumn's still-green territory. 

I do not know what type of flowers the littlest pink ones are, but they are certainly lovely and perhaps my favorite wild flowers in this transitional time.

The shadows play in the meantime, and the figs and muskedine grapes find new life between the dance between light and simple darkness.

I feel different today. In a good way. Almost as if it is not just the season changing, by myself as well. I'm having a personal season change that I cannot yet see the colors of. 

Off to work now. Have a wonderful Friday, all! Go out and enjoy the earth a bit before heading out into routine! ♥