Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mountain Bliss

I was on a mountain today. It's not the first time I have ever been, but it felt so nice to be back up high, looking down at the miniature world below. I didn't spend nearly as much time up there as I would have liked, but it was pleasant to stand at the very top and feel the cool air ruffle my hair and brush against my face.

I love the mountains. Had I been born several centuries before, I would probably be living in them, racing freely around the trees like some wild woman, feet bare and hair loosely flying about me. My favorite place to be is beneath the towering plants, staring up at the flecks of sky I happen to glimpse through the thick canopies so high above my head. Hearing the wind play with the branches, making the trees sway gently at night as I lie snuggled in my sleeping bag...there's nothing better. I love to be snug with the woods all around me, huddled in a circle of giant oaks and pines while the smoke from the campfire at my feet billows up to greet the leaves, scenting my clothes and the air around me with smokey goodness. In the morning, I wake to the caws of crows perched in the branches above the camper-- so peaceful.

I want to go back to there, and actually spend time inside the forest. I crave it.

Thanksgiving break can't get here any faster.

Have a lovely weekend! ♥

Sunday, September 16, 2012

(About) This Time A Year Ago

Six days off, but for an idea that popped into my head just now, I figured it wouldn't matter. With so many pictures from just about every month of the year stored on my little laptop here (-hugs it-), I thought it would be really neat to post photos from time to time that were taken on either the exact day or thereabouts from a year ago. And this works quite well now because I have a lot of photos from 2011!

So, here are some shots of delicate, baby pink roses I took last year on September 10th (thank goodness the computer remembers the exact date. I am so horrible with time it would be impossible for me to have remembered otherwise!). Dew still clung to their little dress-like petals, and I remember them smelling musky with a barely-there sweetness only nature could contain. No perfume could smell the same way at all without being overpowering. This smell you actually had to concentrate to notice, and when your nostrils did manage to pick up the faint little trace of rose, you could reel back in bliss and dance like woodland elves until the smell vanished from you.

I do love roses. Outside we have huge, stunningly massive knock-out roses, and the air near them is musky-sweet with their scent. Now that the honeysuckle isn't the dominant plant perfume, the roses get a chance to shine and let everyone know they are still blossoming. Even our tortoise likes the knock-outs -- he eats their petals!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today I crave the cool air, the brightly colored leaves, and the clear sunshine of Fall.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers! ♥

Friday, September 14, 2012

Remembering Spring Passed

Spring has long since passed, but I am still entranced by the blossoming beauty of the dogwoods. These photos were hiding in a file on my laptop, which I am typing from right this minute, and I thought they were lovely enough to share. 

Spring always lifts my spirits with its gradually warming rebirth of everything wondrous that slowly faded into sleep during winter. Winter's fingers are reluctant to let Spring go, but there are still the smallest hints of the chill and snow remaining behind in the pure white blossoms Spring ushers in. Drops of soft, nearly-watered snow drifts just barely clinging to life in the trees and flowers.

It will not be long and the leaves of fall will tumble from the treetops in greater amounts than usual. And afterwards the winds of winter will sweep in, and we will all huddle snugly in our quilts and stare out the windows at the cotton-stuffed gray sky and wish for the warmer weather to come free us from our indoor hiding. But after the warmth returns to the world, we will look back and think fondly on the snowflakes and clumps of frozen whiteness that gathered in the low places of the earth before that is no longer there. It was always peaceful and quiet, and a rest to our souls. 

Yet after we are rested, we long for the heat of life. And the warm arms of the sun embrace us and the blossoms, and the trees during Spring -- the start of the new year which we ease into with smiles.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


These past three weeks have amazing.

I started my cosmetology classes back in August, and since then I have been near constantly busy. I'm learning so much so fast, and it's so fun! I've started cutting hair, though I won't dare cut a real person's hair. not until I'm better. For now, the mannequins shall suffer. Mwuahahahaha! Not really suffer, but you know what I mean.

I have had time to crochet on the weekends, though, and I have enjoyed that simple hobby more than anything else as of late. Should have pictures of those soon, when I can find batteries for the camera that work. By the time that happens, though, I may have even more crocheted goodies.

The pictures above were taken during my first week of school, and I have had no time since then to post them. Until now, of course. It was such a beautiful, cool day. I thought for sure fall was going to come early, but everything heated up again later. Anyway, it was a day for the bees, and even though some shots of them are blurry, I still thought they were sweet enough to include. There's quite the mix of honeybees, native bees, and bumblebees, and if anyone wants help identifying each, just let me know. And the last picture may look somewhere close to disgusting at first glance, but it's just a bunch of bees munching on a fallen pear. I thought it was so cute that they were all sharing so kindly, but it doesn't surprise me because bees are naturally sweet.

Well, I'm enjoying the weekend so far, even though I had two days off at the start of this week for Labor day and fall break. It was still a busy week, and I'm still tired. Glad I can sleep in a bit tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I hope to be able to post here more often, but if I can't, it's because I am busy learning! ♥

P.S. This post has not been checked for typos as I have to go make dinner now. Excuse anything that sounds weird or is misspelled! Thanks! ;D