Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shelf Love

There is a bookshelf in the corner of my room right beside my desk that is possibly the most packed piece of furniture aside from the dressers and closet. But while those are packed with everything from skirts and sweaters to my favorite dresses, the bookshelf is loaded with books, magazines, my crochet work, treasured video games and various other trinkets that I can't bear to be without.

A dresser used to be in its current resting place, but after some much needed rearranging of desks and dressers, two large bookcases moved in, giving my ginormous collection of books and magazines a formal place to bear the spines. Soon after a Japanese tea set joined in, numerous reed diffusers, candles, 'Better Homes and Gardens' issues from way back when, a doll, and a typewriter I got for a dollar joined in, creating the cluttered, yet lovable, mass of all things Liz that now resides happily beside my current position.

There are five shelves in all, and only two are completely packed to the hilt organized with my books, games, manga magazines, and other goodies. The bottom two shelves lack such grace, and the very top shelf...I don't know exactly what its excuse is. x3 The bottom shelf holds my decoupage magazines, a box of plastic bags destined for crochet, my typewriter, and a few random nick knacks and books. The second from the bottom is loaded with yarn, plastic bags, and finished crochet projects; it is almost always a mess. And the top shelf is, as much a I hate to admit is, probably full of the stuff I just can't bear to throw away. -wide grin here-

All in all, I love my shelf and hope I can take most of it with me when I move out in the future. Of course, why take the games if I won't have the systems? -sniffle sob- ;~;