Saturday, May 28, 2011

After a wonderful birthday I gained three pounds, and eight days after my party (my birthday was actually on the 23rd, but Saturday was the partaaaayyy) I finished one of the video games I got, wonderfully given to me by my sister. She was so peeved that I knew what she had gotten me, but I swear I didn't snoop around! I just knew. -grins-

With that wonderful gift card I received, I trotted to town and had a complete hayday at Hobby Lobby. My mom had gotten me a cute book full of crocheted doll patterns, so I knew exactly what I needed to buy. Turns out, the Hob Lob didn't have any size 1 yarn in a solid color, so I had to get crochet thread instead. I'm going to have to improvise on the patterns, I know, but I'm pretty good at taking a pattern and kind of making it my own when I don't have the right materials to work with. I was also able to get my fingers on some itty bitty hooks that were on sale for 78 cents, perfect for the six skeins of different colored thread I bought. =3

I hope to be updating more soon, but this next month is going to be quite busy, seeing as I'm graduating soon. Then I'll be learning how to drive the lovely stick shift my parents bought for me, writing my novel through the summer, getting a job most likely in the near future, and going about semi-adult life.

I'm beginning to wade into the waters of the world, and it's times like this that I am glad to know God is with me, holding my hand so that if I fall, I will not drown.