Friday, May 20, 2011

Today was the perfect day for going hiking. The sun was shining quite warmly and would have been enough to roast me if the wind hadn't been cool and nearly constant. After a long hike through a field and along a river, I had a wonderful picnic in the shade with my mom and little brother and sister. We sat there for the longest time just enjoying the cool breeze and being in the shade of the many large trees surrounding us. A ways back I spotted what I thought was a raccoon and freaked my mom out, but it turned out to be a fat groundhog tottering along to goodness knows where. The little cutie. I wanted to squeeze him!

Even though it's two days early, my birthday is going to be celebrated over the weekend. I am quite looking forward to that. Everyone is betting on which gift I will like best and all I can do is sit and smile because I have no clue what everyone has gotten. I can't even guess. xD I didn't ask for much this year so everyone would have had to use their imaginations when buying gifts. -insert evil laugh here- I must say I am very curious and can't wait to get my hands on the little wrapped packages...!