Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Windy Picnic Day

Yesterday my mom treated us to a windy day picnic at a local state park. It was a cool, beautiful day, and windy it was! Even more so because the picnic area we chose to be at was on a little island accessible only by one thin road. As the wind passed over the lake, the waters were pushed furiously about, creating a choppy fresco painting of waves as far as the eye could see. That same wind blasted the little island with great force indeed, and we quickly found out that sitting on the back side of the island gave us a bit more shelter from the wind (which protected plates, cups, and the might bag of chips). Mom made some amazing egg salad and tuna salad for sandwiches, which were both delightful, even though I am not the world's largest fan of eggs. I'm quite particular about which dishes made with them that I should ingest. But I did like this very much, and we all had a very lovely time sitting in a shady spot next to the lake. 

Next we did some hiking up to a cabin that is popular during the summer for the bluegrass festivals that favor it as a stage, and hiked down to some docks and back. Then, much to my younger siblings' joy, we stopped at a playground and let them frolic about like monkeys. Of course, I couldn't resist trying to get across the monkey bars, which I made much progress on. (I've never been able to get across all the way in my whole life, truth be told.)

When we got home, Mom made the first campfire of the season in the front yard, and I resumed my role as official kindling-finder, which the little ones quickly helped with. Then we all sat in the grass around the warm flames until it was dark. Smelling of smoke (which I adore), we all went inside, watched a movie, and had tea and cookies.

All in all, a very good day, indeed!

What have you done outdoors so far this fall?

Hope you're all having a wonderful day, as well! ♥
God bless!