Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ghost Songs

Ghost Songs
Legends tell of see-through things
Barely seen by eyes
Silent, slinking, sighing songs
Lost beneath the skies 

A breath of wind seeps through the walls
Of every cabin here
And there are rumors that some have seen
Something white and sheer

They make no sounds when they come
Apart from whistling air
They have no goals at all except
To give a frightful scare

And their scares are terribly good
Causing yelps and screams
Bringing amusement to those floating things
That murmur in quiet teams

What happens to these beings
During the daylight?
None have asked, and they won't tell
For none dare interrupt them each night 


Another fall inspired poem I also wrote for a group of friends. 
This one I am particularly fond of, and I hope you enjoy just as much as I do.
I hope to share more poems with you all in the future, because I'll certainly be writing them!

Have a lovely Tuesday! ♥