Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Flowers of Fall~

It's truly amazing how many flowers are still proudly blossoming in the cool, crisp outdoors. Standing like tall fairy-pillars in a blooming kingdom, these flowers have the most robust hues and tints. Ranging from periwinkle purple, to a dainty blush, to salmon-pink and screaming yellow, these flowers light up the quickly cooling world. 

Blossoms aside, the trees, though not quite yet the brilliant epitome of autumn that they were last year, are nonetheless lovely. With every gust of wind, they drop leaves all over those below them as if each delicate, crunchy, used-up solar panel is a chunk of treasured chocolate landing into the bag of an awaiting trick-or-treater. As a wandered down a street lined in tiny-leafed trees, the wind blew just right and set hundreds of the leave hurtling over me. I'm sure plenty were in my hair and more than plenty has somehow snuggled into my jacket. I far from cared, though. The closer I get to nature, the happier I am.

It was such a pleasure to take a stroll outside. It has been forever since I have been to this particular place, and it started my day rather peaceful and airy. All of the Fall decorations made me feel even closer to the coming holidays, too!

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall day! ♥