Thursday, October 17, 2013

Solving the Yarn Problem!

If your art includes plenty of yarn, you're probably like me in the fact that once you amass enough of this stuff, there is no ideal place to store it so that you can easily get to it. My solution was a large bag under my bed. Sadly, this bag was forgotten over the school year by me, but not by my cat. As a result, I would come home to find the large plastic bag shredded, and my yarn all around the house. Well, yarn collects fuzzies, and the last things I want is for it to be dragged around by playful kitties! So I started hiding the bag. No use. She'd drag the bag out of wherever I had hidden it (which is amazing considering four of her could fit in the bag), then tear into it.

She's left it alone now that I'm almost always in my room now, but the contents were all knotted up and terrible. It was the Death Star of yarn in there. So I took the time to straighten it all out and organize it all into the above creation. Initially meant for shoes, used throughout my life to hold Barbies, now used to hold yarn and thread! And it keeps the door from slamming into the wall when it's opened. Double win!

This sort of thing happens when I get in the mood to organize. Now on to the rest of my room!

 Have a lovely, organized Thursday, my friends! ♥