Monday, October 21, 2013

A Season in Verse

The Warm Heart of Autumn
There is a warmth of autumn fires
Beyond the feeling hands
More than just burning tongues
And shimmering coal-filled sands 

Autumn fires shine their light
Into the chilled, dark nights
Where every glow touches shadow
And spooks away all frights

The logs within glisten dim
Until a burst of heat
Throbs along the black like glass
Reflecting orange-red sheets

Ashes float upon the smoke
That's wafts skyward in clouds
Scenting the air with a wood smell
Moving through treetops in shrouds

But most of all, I remember the sound
A gentle crackle-pop
That bids me welcome, makes me stay
"Abide with me, and never stop." 


I wrote this not too long ago for some friends in a writing club that I'm part of. Out of all forms of writing, poetry is my favorite. I'm a poet by nature, and have been ever since I can remember. So when a prompt came up in my group for autumn, one of my favorite seasons, I couldn't resist in the slightest!

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone! I know it's the start of a work week, and may seem tough, but smile. You are alive and breathing again! Take some time to inhale and just savor the cold air coursing through your lungs. ♥

P.S. I woke up this morning to the smell of the house furnace being turned on for the first time this season. Nothing makes me happier than that smell!