Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tiny Visitors

There have been some very interesting visitors to my abode as of late. Very interesting figures indeed, both bursting with intrigue and adorableness. 

The tree frog was on my bedroom window when I opened my curtains in the morning, and I squealed with delight and called the little ones into my room so they could see up close the little soft cutie. He later jumped off and could be seen clinging for dear life to one of the branches of the shrubs not too far away as the windy day made a roller coaster ride out of it. I think I actually saw his little froggy eyes bug and his feet wrap around the branch more tightly.

The moth was an unknown stranger. I have no idea what kind of moth he was, but he hung around on the screen door and stared into the house like a pair of eyes and wings attached to an oversized, fuzzy mustard-colored turtleneck sweater. His face is what amused me the most, that and his sheer size! He was as big as my hand, and was ever so fluffy. A darling indeed. Again, the kids were fascinated by him, and he actually did hang around for another day or two.

I love it when the tiny creatures come to visit. Such delicate works of art, so tiny and yet working perfectly...only God could have created them. All of God's creations are equally fascinating, even the things we see every day can be refreshed and amazing if we take the time to really consider that they are there. It always blows my mind and lifts my eyes to the sky, for looking at such a marvelous creation reminds me that there is an even greater Creator.

I love nature, all things about it. What about you? What is your favorite part of nature?

Have a lovely Saturday night, everyone! Thunder is booming in the distance here, and I feel all snug in the house with the thought of rain coming. ♥