Saturday, August 17, 2013

Apple Picking Goodness

"The apples are falling off the tree. Go pick them," my dad said at lunch. Being an outdoorsy girl, I could hardly resist.
"They're ready to be picked?" I squealed, grabbing a bowl and running outside.
And ready they were. Most of them just fell of the branches right into my hands, though the ones I had to stand on my toes to reach were more reluctant to loosen their hold.

Fall seems to have come early, and you won't find me complaining. I have never been a huge fan of hot weather, as I find it is easier to keep warm than it is to stay cool. Give me a reason to toss on a jacket or huddle around a fire, and I will take it without a second thought. Of course, it hasn't been THAT cool out. It got down to the mid 60's today, which is heavenly. I will willingly muck about in a t-shirt and shorts just to feel the cool air brush over my skin. It's refreshing and invigorating, and my favorite thing about Fall.

It was quite overcast today, and several times it rained. All around lovely. I enjoyed my time outside picking our own apples from our own tree (the only one that ever produced fruit, actually, which is why we decided to cut the others down and replace them with blueberry bushes and figs), and came inside quite refreshed. My mom had tea all ready, so she and I plopped onto the sofa and watched one of our favorite movies while having our own little tea party. We adore taking tea, and Mom was dying to use her new British teapot, so it was ideal.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! ♥