Saturday, August 24, 2013

DIY: Blue & Black Floral Patterned Bangle!

This is a wonderfully quick and easy way to make a great looking bracelet that doesn't break the bank! Great for kids!


-Wooden Bangle Bracelet (I got mine from Hobby Lobby.)
-Acrylic paint (I chose blue, but you can use any color you like.)
-Permanent Marker (Preferably a Sharpie.)
-Sand paper (Optional: In case your wooden bracelet is rough!)

First, start by painting the entire wooden bangle with the acrylic paint of your choice and let dry.

After it has dried, get your marker and draw on the first flower of your pattern.

Once you have it drawn, add two X marks on either end of the horizontal petals. These will be the centers of your next flowers.

Working around the X on the right, draw in the remaining three petals (the first petal is one from the previous flower). Afterwards, draw an X on that flower's horizontal petal and repeat all the way around the bracelet until you connect with the X on the left.

Your pattern should look something like this:

Looks classy already, but we're not done yet!

Next, draw a line close to the inside edge of the bracelet. Do this on both sides.

Then draw another line alongside the first one and make sure it touches the very tips of the petals. Do this on both sides, as well.

And there you have it! A cheap and easy way to make a pretty little bracelet that is great for gifts, party favors, or anything else you can think of! Use different patterns and colors to really make it fun and classy. Let's see what you can come up with!

Hope you all enjoyed this little DIY tutorial! 
Have a blessed, great Saturday! ♥