Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Floating Lake Islands of Fairy Folk

On the lake, there are plenty of stumps sticking up as one creeps in closer to the shore. Just beneath the surface of the water, if you look hard enough, you can see whole fallen trees submerged beneath the (currently) pollen-laden waters. Branches stick up at random intervals, vanishing into the depths and making one wonder just how deep some areas of the lake really are.

My favorite things, though, are the stumps. Surely they are the vacation homes of fairies!

Laden with moss and various other forms of sweet, delicate life, they are islands of emerald green in a sea of reflection. When my kayak bumped up against a stump, the ball of moss split, hanging on to the stump by some invisible ties. I would have felt horrible if that wonderful blob of moss fell into the water, but I was seeking refuse from the insanely powerful wind that insisted on pushing my kayak at speeds I did not wish to travel backwards. Silky spiderwebs adorn some of the taller stumps, most often more than one -- little communities of eight-legged neighbors.

We were only out on the lake a few hours today since we were quite excited to get to church tonight and didn't want to smell like fish and worms. So I passed the camera off to my little sister, who took the last three shots of the stumps above while I helped catch this:

I caught five of those. The rest on the upper left are my mom's. =3

One word: yum. ♥

Severe storms are supposed to come tomorrow, ones that could spawn tornadoes. Right now the storms are in Mississippi, I believe. Got some time sleep.

Goodnight, lovelies! I'm tired. =D