Saturday, April 13, 2013

Petals of Blue and White on a String

 My necklace is finished! All 26 inches of it! It came out much bigger than anticipated, but that's because I doubled the pattern, then decided I wasn't going to count the stitches between the flowers. I wanted it to be unique, and I wanted it to sort of be my own, not just another of the same necklaces I've made before. I also changed the flowers, giving the smaller and bigger ones more and less petals. Three is the least amount of petals I have for a flower, and five is the greatest. While making the five-petal big flowers, I wished I had some thread in baby pink -- then I could have made cherry blossoms! What a darling necklace that would have made....I may try to find some thread in that color. Soon.

And you all get to see my cabinet of goodies. Books, music, teapots, bottles, candles, Sherlock Holmes~ ♥ I adore Holmes.

Happy Saturday and have a wonderful weekend! ♥