Sunday, April 7, 2013

Admiring God's Green Earth on Sunday!

{ One of my new Sunday skirts! It's so very gypsy, and I find I love it far too much. :3 }

{ Blossomless peach tree! The leaves are just as lovely as the blossoms, don'tyouknow? }

{ Fig leaf buds! Soon the leaves will look like something from the dinosaur age...huge! }

{ Withering pear blossoms. The bees sure love them, though! }

{ And on a random side note (maybe not so random), I ADORE moss. A lot. I will often take pictures of moss constantly because I love how delicate and fluffy it is. And it's so flat and versatile, as well. Surely God made it the very first carpet on Earth, because that's what it is! Combine it with a good rock wall and I will willingly move into a home within a ten mile radius of said mossy wall. }

{ The apple trees are starting to stretch out of their winter limbs. Bright green leaves are sprouting out every which way, being all adorable. }

{ While I was simply sitting in the shade enjoying the warm breeze, I wove together some blades of grass and just relaxed. I think I would very much like to learn to weave baskets! }

And the sky. Oh, the sky. God's canvas. He paints such beautiful things for us to gaze up at every day, and He has the best palette of colors ever known. If He paints the skies so gorgeously, only imagine what the glories of heaven will be like!

Have a lovely, blessed Sunday! God loves you. ♥