Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And On Monday...We Went Fishing!

{The Dogwoods are starting to bloom! Spring is here for certain now!}

{Magnolia~ These are blooming at school, too. My college campus is quite lovely!}

My mom has been fishing ever since she can remember. She is a very outdoorsy woman. She often says she would be very happy living in a small cabin deep in the woods of Maine, living off the land and being totally self-sufficient.

I'm more than positive that those particular genes were passed down to me.

While I am far from being as talented in fishing as she is, I adore sitting on the lake in a kayak, keeping my eyes glued to the bobber far out in the distance, waiting for it to jiggle from the hungry lips of some fishy so that I can set the hook and reel in a prize! It is so relaxing, and I love to do something my mom enjoys with her. It's our us time and I love that we have so much in common.

The first cove we parked our banana-yellow kayaks in is where my mom caught a bass and two sunfish. Determined to do the same, I cast my line between and around just about every stump my arm could shoot my line to....But to no avail. We even went quite far back in the stumps where it may have been possible to stand in the water in some places and impossible to do that in others, and still the only thing I managed to snag was underwater stumps and branches (affectionately referred to as "Wood Bass"), and then the poor above-water stumps that were their own littler terrariums of moss and plant life. I lost several worms (AND HOOKS) to the aforementioned fishing abominations.

AND THEN...we moved.

We have several fishing spots on this lake, so we paddled north of the cove we had settled in and stopped back at the first fishing spot we have ever tried on this lake.

I cast my line into the center of a circle of stumps, and near instantly I got a bite! As I worked my little arms off to reel the monster in, my mom was bouncing in her kayak quite happily. (Before we got here, my attitude toward catching anything had...diminished, and I resorted to singing songs to try and "charm" the fish out of the water. Not really, but my mom's reactions to my tunes made me laugh. I sang a modified version of "Come Little Children" from the movie Hocus Pocus, hereby known as "Come Little Fishies" that was quite funny. My mom told me that wasn't a good song. I'd scare the fish, so I changed and sang Finding Nemo's "Just Keep Swimming." In the first cove, neither charmed anything, but when I started catching fish in the other cove, I sang Come Little Fishies in joy.) ANYWAY, I reeled in a big, fat sunfish. He was ice cold, like he had been parked deep, deep down in the iciest levels of the lake, and he was perhaps the biggest sunfish we had ever seen on that lake. 

So then it started. 

We caught four more nice, huge sunfish in that exact same spot, one my mom had a hard time wrapping her hand around to get the hook out of his mouth.

We floated around for a while longer, even moved from our winning hole when we were pretty sure we had cleaned it out of all possible fishies, then laughed and joked and paddled back to shore where we carried both kayaks back to our truck at the same time, catch in tow.

On our way home, we didn't even listen to any music. We were so relaxed, and I fell asleep that night rather quickly.

I had a great time. If I could go fishing every day, I would.

Hope everyone had as wonderful a Monday as I did! Even if you didn't, you had breath coming in and out of your lungs, and you were alive, so, to me, that is a good day. =)

Have a great Tuesday now, dear people! ♥