Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Crave the Cooler Air

I am ready for the colder weather.

Summer is fantastic and all, but it's too hot after a while, and I'm almost always inside because it's too hot to do anything more than cross a parking lot to run for shelter in a store for fear the sun will cook me to the pavement. Two days this past week, though, have been torturously cool, flipping the switch in my mind that is labeled "Fall". 

Sadly, those cool days did not stay, and it's back to being hot again, successfully messing up my inside thermometer. Now I find myself catching whiffs of the beef brisket we always make for Christmas or craving the glittering warmth of flames when I hold my palms toward a campfire. I want my clothes to smell like the earthy smoke from the burning firewood. I want to lie in my camper bed staring at the canvas over my head listening to the cold mountain winds move the creaking pines at night. I want to step out of the car and take in a cold breath, letting the winter air empty every ounce of invisible festiveness into my lungs as I pull my coat tighter about myself and tug the neck of my sweater higher. The smell of the mountains, the sound of icy, babbling streams, the taste of hot chocolate...I'm ready for it all. Camping in the colder months is perhaps one of my favorite things to do, and I have been doing it ever since I was young.

I hope college doesn't keep me so busy this fall that even small camping trips are impossible. I should be very sad that I cannot hide under the pine needle canopies in the mountains and watch the wispy winter clouds dissolve through the branches. I crave to be there, and I cannot bear to not even see these places even once this fall or winter.

{Autumn snapshots from around my yard last year. Campfires = ♥ }

Monday I start up my cosmetology classes. Wish me luck, dears, and have a wonderful weekend, as it is getting closer. I know it's early (by a day) but I don't know if I'll have anything to talk about tomorrow, so I'll wish it now. =)