Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stunning Saturday -- Part One ♥

Though my morning started out later than usual, it was fabulous none the less. With some time to burn after breakfast, I huddled down on the floor near my bed and read comics, then got some more of my novel written. But that's not as entertaining for you as it was for me, so I shan't divulge on that any further for the sake of your eyes. -wink-

No, the fun of today began when my mom announced that there were tomatoes ready to be picked in the garden. As usual, the camera was snagged from my desk and I was out the door in a minute. It was a bit warm today, especially in the sun, but I got several nice shots of our insanely large flower bed as well as out fruit and veggie garden. The bees were busy today, as well, all rolling around in the flowers like freshly washed dogs roll in the dirt, picking up pollen before humming away once more in the happy way bees do.

Had it been a tad cooler, I would have stayed outside and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air a bit, but there were things waiting inside for me, such as a bowl of steeping tea my mom mixed up with different teas and mulling spices.


It was devilishly good, and the mulling spices made me yearn for fall and the goods that come with Thanksgiving. 

My mind, however, was soon pulled away when my mom announced she wanted to teach me how to can food....And we did.

(continued in next post)