Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stunning Saturday -- Part Three ♥

Finally! My blueberry creation! I was given the Blueberry-Lime Jam recipe to work on, and boy did it smell as good as the first blueberry yummies. Lime, blueberries, and sugar all together in a jam that I can't wait to put in a sandwich. And so much fun to make!

My hands still smell like lime, too!

  {Lime rinds!}

{Blueberries about to be smooshed, blueberries being smooshed, and smooshed blueberries with pectin about to be mixed in!}

Now, I wish I had four arms, because then I could have boiled and mixed and stirred WHILE taking pictures...but I couldn't. After a bit of boiling, constant stirring, moving from one pan to a bigger pan after pouring all the sugar into the mix so the stuff wouldn't boil over, stirring more, then pouring into jars, measuring headspace, and sealing -- -gasp for air- -- this wonderful, and very tasty result happened!

Got to taste some of the leftover jam from the pan it boiled in, and the lime compliments the occasional bitterness that accompanies blueberries and dances away with it beautifully. Well worth making, AND I got to spend some good, quality time with my mom in the kitchen learning something not done very often today. It was a super win-win and a wonderful way to start the weekend!

Hope you all are having as great a time as I am! ♥
Tomorrow my family plans on going canoeing and I'll be there in a kayak, so if we don't get rained out, I should have some interesting stories to tell!