Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunshine On the Mind

Everywhere I look, I see something yellow. Every time I turn around, there is some darling object just begging to be seen with it's sunshiny, golden voice, almost bouncing about on invisible legs, waving its transparent arms about to get attention.

As spring rounds the corner, all the sleeping beauties are awakening from their earthen slumbers. The fruit trees are beginning to reveal their colorful blossoms, the daffodils have poked out of the ground (more yellow! =O ), and the warm air is stirred quite often by the most beautiful cool wind in the history of mankind!
How I long to simply spend all my time outdoors sitting in the shade, letting the wind play in my hair and cool my skin....
Aside from family projects to bring the outside of the house back to life (ranging from raking, cleaning the gardens and planting new ones) , my room is being repainted and re-carpeted!
The walls have been the most adorable green for many, many years, but my sister and I felt it was time for a change. We decided to go with yellow, so my parents went out and came back with the color we have on the walls now. We were hoping it would be a bit of a lighter yellow than it is, but it's growing on us quite a bit. =)
And, on a random note, the paint (which is earth-friendly) smells exactly like eggnog. o.o We were all wanting to eat the wall as it was being painted~

Yesterday I went to the finals of the poetry contest I entered and had a blast at the museum while I waited for my contest division to start. =D I'm constantly amazed by the magnificent paintings and the wonderful photography displayed there. I could never paint anything like that, but my talent lies in writing, anyway. Particularly poetry.
So, long story short, I won first place for the second time in a row and then went with my family to Panda Express to celebrate, just as we have for the past two wins of mine. We all had a blast and it was a simply gorgeous day (the other two times I went to the finals were freezing cold and raining. This was the first time it was warm and sunny. xD ).
So, my hiatus is over and with all the creative flow I have gotten from the poetry contest, I'll no doubt be making and writing all sorts of things. I look forward to posting here again! Oh blog, how I've missed you!