Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ode to Glimmering Blossoms. Ode to Photography.

Sunset was the perfect time for me to run outside...

...and take pictures of the peach tree blossoms once again.

I always take as many pictures as I can whenever the tree is in bloom.

This was just a nice way to give a new flair to the same blossoms.

I hope you all enjoy the beauty of the flowers as I do.

I have a perfectly healthy obsession with photography. I carry my camera with me near constantly (unless I forget) and am not ashamed to stand in a parking lot with my camera held up in front of my face, snapping pictures like a crazy tourist. What is probably the strangest thing about it ,though, is that I do not live in a tourist town. o.o

Ever since I started blogging about photos (way back when), I started looking at things in a different way before, a way I never thought about prior to my escapades in photography. Suddenly all the normal plants, rocks, benches, stone walls that I had seen hundreds of times before suddenly shone with new light, new life, almost. Before they had just been something I either accepted as there or thought was kinda neat. But now I see everything as if it has its own personality, living or not. Aside from that, I feel the need to documents everything from personal achievements to the random thought in pictures. Example: yesterday as I was making ramen for lunch, I was swooning over the smell of the boiling noodles. I hadn't put the special flavor powder in yet, so it was simply the smell of the noodles wafting up from the pan and splashing across my face. It was just so pleasant that I am sure I could have sat there all day if the noodles wouldn't burn to the bottom of the pan. I asked my mom if my sister's camera had batteries in it (for mine had a full card), and felt a pang of sadness when I heard it was currently without the life-giving things. As random as it would have been, I was actually looking forward to taking pictures of the pan and writing about the amazing smell of the plain noodles inside. End of rabbit trail.

It just seems that whatever I do now, I look for something to take a picture of, some way of documenting my thought on whatever the subject of that picture may be.

Perhaps this is a step forward! Here I thought I couldn't write about myself without feeling guilty somehow, but I seem to be writing my opinion (or even formulating one in my mind in the first place) quite often about what pictures I take! It is a miracle! ^o^