Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Rainy Escapade!

Ever since the morning of last Sunday, it has rained in some form or other at some time of day. Usually the storms roll in at about two or three a.m., complete with long, drawn out drums of muffled thunder, and then the bright slash of lightning across the early morning sky. My mom always pops her head into my room and says in her tired, but alert morning voice, "Unplug your computers, girls. Got some big storms rolling through," and then shuts the door quietly so as to not wake up the peewees across the hall. Of course, they're already awake, and I can hear them as I drag myself out of bed. Using my Nintendo DS for light, I climb down from my bunk and take several more steps to where the two matching computer desks are. Underneath is an extension cord that I get onto my knees in order to pull away from the power strip. I hear a dull blink as the power is cut off from the resting machines, then groan, stretch, and crawl back into bed. By this time, however, I am already wide awake, but the sound of the storm outside makes me feel snuggy in my home, in my room, in my bed under the covers, and the sheets of rain pummeling the roof above lulls both my sister and I back to sleep.

It's been raining all week. As a result of the storms, every plant outside is the most vivid green ever, booming with life. After getting home from eating out this evening, I could not help but grab a camera and hurry to take rainy pictures before it got dark outside. Sadly, the camera I normally use didn't work well in the overcasty light, so I had to go and borrow one of my mom's cameras, for she has many. And, wow. I fell in love. That camera is an angel. I took too many pictures to count with both cameras, but only the photos I took with my mom's camera actually came out the way I wanted. I would have posted about nineteen different pictures from my watery escapade today, but it proved to be too much for one post, so I chose the best from the best I had selected previously and those few finalists are featured here in all their rain-covered goodness.

Needless to say I had a blast finding subjects for my photos, and most ranged from dew-covered clovers near the garden hose in the grass to the rows of rocks my brother lined up on the walkway about a week before, dubbing them his army.
Smooshed clovers on the deck steps, a shovel lying dead in the grass, some plants my mom had originally planted somewhere that somehow wound up somewhere completely different, the many living clovers covering the yard, there was just too much to take pictures of! I was outside for at least an hour.

There is nothing better than a rainy day. Sure, sunny days are fun when you want to go out and do something, but on the rainy days you get to sit snuggy indoors and stare out the window as God waters the earth from high, high above. When thought about that way, it gives a whole new meaning to rainy days, the days God tenderly tends to one of His creations. But it isn't only nature that He showers tenderly with love and life. I am grateful that He does the same for me and my family, constantly blessing us every day, taking care of us lovingly, for we are His children, and He is truly our great Father.

I hope you all enjoy the photos as much as I do!