Monday, March 21, 2011

Release the Inner Cuteness!

This is why I carry a camera around with me wherever I go. x3

This is Dakota. She thinks she's a wild cat. She will gladly roll around under your feet, trying to bite you and drool on you in the process. She loves the smell of socks and shoes, and will drool on those too. Her purr sounds like a lawnmower sometimes and she walks around with her tail bent almost parallel to her spine.

She also likes to sleep on my bunk. She crawls up there silently and snuggles into the blankets without even a peep. But when she falls asleep and starts to dream, the mewling starts. She's probably dreaming that she is a ferocious tiger prowling through India, stalking helpless prey...drooling on them, and then rolling all over their feet and clothing.

This picture was taken as I was cleaning some things off my bed: a few t-shirts and whatnot. I'd stand on the lower bunk and lean over the rail to grab my things, then jump back down (I'm rather short, so it's a climb for me). When I hopped back down, Dakota slowly got up, mewed at me, then leaned her head on the rail. To make the pose even more perfect for pictures than it already was, she put her cute little tootsies up next to her chin...! It was too much for me, so I quickly ran and got my camera, snapping as many pictures of her little purring self as I could. Sadly, the lighting was not optimum for taking pictures, and to be honest I think the color of the wall messed it up, too. I got nothing but blurry shots. It's enough for me, though, even if I can't sharpen the image any better than it is now with the editing software that comes on my computer.

But at least I got a bunch of cute pics of her being adorable. x3 She is the sweetest little thing in the world, even if she tries to eat my toes.