Friday, March 18, 2011

Ode to Day of Green

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and I was close to completely oblivious to it.
I wore blue a majority of the morning, forgetting I was to be wearing green, got pinched for (apparently) no good reason, and only when I got on the Internet did I even begin to wonder what day it was exactly....

Seeing all of the articles about St. Patrick on my homepage as I went to check my email spurred me on to look at the calendar on my desk. I checked the date on my computer, then moved things off the calendar to see if today was, in fact, St. Patty's Day. Sure enough, it was, and I couldn't believe that I had forgotten.

It was a drop dead gorgeous day outside, so the entire family was outside as soon as possible, frolicking around in the sun, throwing and kicking toys around, digging, tossing the dirt into the air, things like that. My sister sat in the shade either drawing or reading while I, the oldest and most mature (coughcough) stood at the complete opposite end of the yard and was content with seeing how far I could hum-chuck a plastic ball through the air. Turns out, it nearly hit my sister a few times, and then nearly KO-ed my little brother. -evil laugh- Might I add that I can't aim worth a flip, but I can throw rather well, sooooo. Yeah. =D

However, I grew tired of standing in the blazing sun, went inside and changed into a cooler outfit, then ran around with my camera taking pictures of all the lovely flowers that litter the front yard. We have many different types of fruit trees, and then there are those strange little white flowers that pop up out of the grass every year that remain nameless to me, and then the dandelions, which my mom specifically said were reserved for the bees, much to the dismay of the two squirts. Thankfully, there were enough fallen peach blossoms to keep them happy, so the little puffs of yellow in the grass were spared the agony of being plucked by little kids. xD

Then around dinner time we all went to town, ate out, then went shopping. I went straight to the book section and had a blast there, then followed my dad around the store with my face stuffed in a PS3 magazine.
Surprisingly, no one was wearing green or orange. o.o Then again, neither was I, but I thought everyone wore some sort of green on St. Patty's Day? Guess not.

The weather had gotten to be significantly cooler than when I went into the store, so I was going to freeze if I went outside. My mom gave me her long denim coat (Yay for Mom!), which was normal looking on her. But when I put it on, the thing was HUGE. Now, my mom isn't big, I'm just really small, so, to get a better picture of this, try getting a trench coat, then super size it and put it on a toddler. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but that's what I felt like. Needless to say everyone was laughing, including me, as we all walked out to the car.

Well, despite lack of green dominance, I had a wonderful day taking pictures and being a geek. =P Hope you enjoyed the pictures and story of my day. xD