Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Egg Grenade: Part Dos!

The mysterious egg grenade returns!...and it has grown!

When you last saw this creation, it was simply a blank head. Well, folks, it has been growing bit by bit ever since that time before Valentine's Day, and now it has stopped once more. As in the post before that featured this particular pattern-less figure, I am once more in the middle of a dilemma: what on earth do I stuff the body with?!

I previously stated my lack of common stuffing materials (polyester, cotton, fabric, other crocheted bits), and it is no different now. Of course, I did find some old and rather different looking bits of crocheted things that I had sewn together in a terrible parody of a several-coins long quilt, so I gladly stuffed it in the head. But what for the body? It's rather large (about two inches, I'd guess. There's no ruler and measuring tape nearby, sadly) and is hollow. I thought about stuffing it with paper, but that would rule out ever wanting to put the finished product in the washer. o.o Nicht gut. Not good. I can just imagine pulling the poor thing out and seeing paper shreds protruding from between the crocheted stitches. -swallows hard-

Well, I'll sleep on it I suppose. Maybe something will pop into my mind tonight. Anyone have suggestions as to what to use as stuffing?