Monday, January 31, 2011

Ode to #1~

As I sit at my desk, I cannot help but mourn the loss of something dear to me.

While I had the same item in many different types and colors, I did love each and every item for their unique and stupendous attributes. These attributes shall be listed as follows:

- Always sharp. There was never a dull moment with us.

- Variety. Each held the same effect of a cool sea breeze. Simply refreshing.

- A pleasure to the senses. Not only were they colorful, but they made the most satisfying click sound when on a roll.

- Knowledge. Knowing just what I wanted to say and translating it wonderfully into words.

Yes....You dear, dear things were truly #1. With only your empty shells lying about, I'm afraid I am left to settle for the #2s. Frustrating little orangey-yellow things. Not only do they whither away quickly, but simply trying to make them understand will cause their point to sharpen so much that it snaps off. The time then spent to replace the once partially acute tip is often wasted, for the new tip breaks free once more. The broken bits are then scattered along my desk as a reminder to not ask too much of these #2s.

Though I suppose I cannot completely make them out to be flawed beings. #2s still get the job done and do it well, it's just that they aren't what they used to be. Nowadays the #2s have been cheapened, but it is not of their own doing. They are not to blame for their faults. I am sorry, #2s, for speaking so harshly of you before. Forgive me?.......Good. ^_^

-sigh- Mechanical pencils. I shall miss you, so. =3