Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of a Tortoise, of Bees, and the Weekend

So, Saturday was a very warm least in comparison with the the weather about a week ago. It was 65 degrees F. and there was the most refreshing breeze fluttering by my face, sending chills across my skin.
I spent a majority of my afternoon raking the leaves that littered

the grass like dandruff in green hair. I couldn't help but smile at the thought of the earth as a scalp, sighing contently as I raked away its head itchies! x3 My tummy and arms are sore now, but it is the best sore I've felt in a long time~.

In the pictures above, to the right, and the one below, the family's beloved Sulcata tortoise, Tod, is featured. He was able to come outside yesterday because of the warm temperature, and boy did he enjoy it! My dad raked all of the leaves out of his spacious, fenced in area, and as soon as our baby laid eyes on the newly exposed green blades, went nutty and began chowing down. By the time I came over with my camera, the little guy was walking around in the grass, an entire salad bar stuffed in his mouth. See, we can't let him outside of his little house in weather cooler than 60 degrees. So, during the winter, we have him inside a large hut equipped with a heat lamp and stacks of Bermuda hay for him to munch on while it's snowing outside. x3 So he went gaga once he saw the grass. It was soooooooo cuuuuuuuute!
We affectionately refer to this movement as "cruising", which is funny because he's a tortoise and doesn't move very fast.

NOW, on to the next pictures of these lovely little creatures!

Pictured above and below are pictures of honeybees. My mother is a third-year beekeeper and has several thriving hives. Now, before I continue, I'll give some fascinating facts about bees that may interest you

  • All worker bees are female. Only drones are male.
  • Drones can go into any hive they want without being attacked by other bees. Worker bees, however, cannot. Going into another queen's hive would be translated something like an act of war and would result in...well. You get the idea. =P
  • Despite popular thought, bees do not attack people because they are vicious boogers. On the contrary. Bees only sting when attacked. So if a bee buzzes you, don't swat at her or she'll think you're attacking her. =P
  • Bees have five eyes. Two large ones and three smaller ones.

  • Now, these pictures to the left are of my younger sister, Jessica, and some more of our darling, honey making girls.

    Bees are very fuzzy little creatures, and my mom loves to pet them while they're exploring something, and the bees let her. They wiggle cutely and continue investigating as if their backs aren't being felt at all. xD

    There is nothing more peaceful than the sound of the girls flying about in the air, filling the surrounding area with a relaxing hum.

    Jessica was thrilled when a bee landed on her little hand. I had one land on my hand, but as soon as I pulled the camera up she fled. Hahahaha~

    All in all, a very good weekend. I hope the weather stays nice like this.

    As far as Sunday has gone, very similar to Saturday. I went outside set a chair in the sun and read my Kindle least an hour. It was insanely relaxing.

    I hope everyone who is reading this had a wonderful weekend as well. If you get the chance and if it's nice outside, head on out, take some pictures, and come back to start a blog! 8D

    P.S. I finally went in and fixed the coding to get the text to wrap around my pictures just right! I haven't used my HTML skills in months. =3