Monday, January 10, 2011

A (Rather Long) Introduction

I have always been a dabbler. Whether that is good or bad depends on what exactly I am doing, but I have often found that my attention span doesn't last a long enough period of time (mainly a few days, or however long needed for a BIG for video games, but artistically!) for me to completely finish something. Throughout the day, I do so many things that it is hard to just sit down and do ONE art project for however long it takes to finish it. If it isn't a messy, insanely complex thing, I'll pack it away, put it on a shelf with the intention to finish it...then forget. Classic, I know. xD

It has been the same way with blogs. I have had several blogs in the past: three and an idea for one I never got around to actually completing. Two were photography, one was about a video game (which, mind you, was going well until I got my dream game. O.O) , and the planned one was also going to another photography blog. But, I got occupied with something else. So the little things died. -insert boo-boo lip here-

But, alas, I am trying again. This time aspiring to keep up with this blog! I have been craving one that I could actually connect with, one that wasn't just a part of me, but all of me. So I decided to examine what hobbies made up "me". Crochet. Photography. Writing. Decoupage. Random other things. They were all pieces. It was hard for me to write about a piece and expect to come up with some grand blog that could in any way compare to those Blogs of Note where I lurk hopelessly, so I decided to blog about all of the little things! =D I've read that it is difficult to blog about more than one thing, but it seems to be my nature to be able to carry several different things on and on and on and on without much trouble, so perhaps this sort of blog is for me. Who will know? You've gotta try first, right?

Phew. -takes in a breath- Well, I suppose I owe an introduction to those who have read this far. My name is Elizabeth and I am a seventeen (going on eighteen) year old homeschooled Christian girl who, as mentioned before, dabbles in too many things to count. I come from a family of six, excluding pets, and am the oldest of four children. I have three dogs, two cats, pet birds out the ying-yang, a Sulcata tortoise, and my three younger siblings (har-har-har 8D). I love smilies, as you can no doubt tell by now, and am not afraid to use them. As stated in the "About Me" bit in the sidebar, I love video games to death. All kinds. All genres. But I particularly love zombie games. xD Racing ones are deh-bomb, and nothing beats a good action or RPG. I digress.
I also love to read and have an insanely large shelf of books, manga magazines, gaming magazines, and other rather old magazines I bought with the intention to chop up. =3 I bought a typewriter that doesn't have a ribbon for a buck at a thrift store, I probably need a bigger purse, love notebooks, and I do sing in the shower. xD

You'll probably learn more as I blog more and more, so put up with me for now. ;-) What exactly will I blog about? That's the surprise~

Well, I've gotta go do a bazillion more things, so I'll stop blogging here for today. ADIOS!

P.S. Forgive any typos. I've read over this a few times and may have missed something. xD Take it easy. I wear glasses. -innocent grin here-