Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Rainy Morning

It has been so overcast and rainy lately. When I finally did get a chance to get outside and get some pictures of the world around me, the flash on my camera refused to turn off, so I got some really rainy-looking shots....Which, truthfully, is what it looked like. The flowers are thriving, the fruit trees are thriving, and our sprouts (above) don't quite know what to do with the amount of rain we're getting at the moment. They should perk up soon, though!

Work has been going great. I love being in a salon and cutting hair and whatnot. Even the slow times are fun. It seems to rain every day that I'm there, and one time a car even caught fire in the parking lot and we watched the fire department come out and put out the flames. The dull moments aren't ever really dull, truth be told. I'm quite happy. 

These aside, I have finally finished a series of books. It's been two and a half years since I have been able to finish several books in a row, and this starts out what I hope to continue through the summer before college starts back up again. I'm trying to read as much as I can these days (especially since I keep acquiring more books!), and am actually sacrificing computer time for it. I rather like it. As far as crafting goes....I haven't made much of anything lately. My desk is a disaster and laundry needs to be rescued quite badly, and I shall get to them soon. I need some organization to go on here! Maybe some shelves! I should channel some creativity that way.

* * *
I woke up a bit grouchy this morning. Not sure why, but we all know the feeling. I skipped breakfast and started listening to songs that I could relate to in my grouchiness, or songs that would let off my steam for me so I didn't snap at anyone. There's a set of songs I go to for that, and I listened through all of them. I was still grouchy afterwards and considered relistening to them just to try to feel a bit better...but I realized it wouldn't work. I can't fight a bad feeling with things making me continue to think about my bad feelings. Sure, listening to sad songs while you're crying may help you feel a bit better as you're sobbing your eyes out and busting out a chorus into the ceiling to show how you're feeling....But after a while it gets kinda counterproductive, doesn't it? 

I went down that route this morning and decided that I was going to make a conscious effort to stop listening to the grouchy songs and click over to some gospel. Boy what a difference! It was music I have to learn for choir anyway, but it has made me feel so much better. I have been listening to the words while I do things here for the past hour and a half and I can feel my day being better already. I still have a bit of grouching going on, but I feel blessed. God's given me another day. I'm going to try to not spend it grouchy...even if the little ones are nagging me. But I'm going to try! He didn't give me this day to complain. He gave me this day to work for Him, even if it means just being happy.

I'm going to try and do that. And honestly, I like being happy more than I like being grouchy.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone! ♥