Monday, June 16, 2014

Royal Teal Wash!

Just a little something I have been working on every day when I get home from work. It was finished not too long ago, and I am rather happy with the outcome. Instead of using a size 4 yarn, I use four different strands of doily thread held together to make a fabulous color pattern texture. This particular pattern used quite a bit of thread, so now I am almost out of all my favorite colors now. Ah, well! It was for a good cause! 

This little washcloth ended up being two sided, a bit different from the pattern in the book, but I just rolled with it. There are thick rows of bobbles that are either facing up or down depending on how you flip the cloth, which you can see in the picture (I hope!), which was actually a really nice touch to this.  The entire thing has such a great, heavy-enough weight that makes you reluctant to let go of it, and it should hold quite a bit of water for those after-work hours at the end of a long day!

Have a lovely Monday, everyone! ♥