Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Closet Glimpse!

I was just letting my dry-flat laundry dry on the bed when I realized that it would be a great little blog-glimpse into my clothing tastes! These are only a few of my favorite shirts (most of which I plant to wear to work! Huzzah!), and I have found that I tend to be acquiring more shirts of the same type of fabric. I love it! 

My personal style has changed quite a bit over the years, truth be told. When I was in high school, sporty, tomboy-ish, military-like clothes were all the rage for me (I still want a pair of good cargo pants, though! Ssh! Tell no one!), and while I still like many aspects of that sort of style, steam punk being one of them, I find myself sliding more into a nature-culture-business-casual. Very rarely do I wear t-shirts out and about anymore, and not because I feel snooty or anything, but because I like to dress up. Not saying a good t-shirt isn't nice, I have quite a few nice t-shirts I will willingly wear out, but this is just what I have noticed in myself. I've been blessed enough to be given another day to live, so I shall dress as if it were my last! This last semester of college was the perfect time for me to experiment with my personal style, and I do think I have found it finally. I like to make a smart, subtle statement of professionalism. I feel nice and happy, and I want to look nice and happy, too!

Technicality of shirts and whatnot aside, modesty is a BIG factor for me. Skirts and dresses are never shorter than my knees, low collared shirts always have a shirt to go underneath, and anything too form-fitting is out of the question. I aim to accent my femininity, not show it to everyone by wearing less. I dress modest, smart, and female. I don't need to wear shorts and skirts that are barely there, and I don't need nor want to wear shirts that fail to serve their purpose. I seek to honor the Lord in all I do, and by respecting myself I do that. He gave me this body. I don't want people to see just a body. I want them to know there is a head attached to this body, one that knows that if you sell the body without a second thought, you are selling your self-respect for worthless attention. People who only want to be around me because of my body are not people I want in my life, so I shall not advertise for such. Ever. I respect myself and I respect my God.

I love to have fun clothes, and there are definitely ways to have fun, happy, bright clothes without breaking my personal code of modesty. I am happy, and I enjoy the clothes I wear. They accent who I am and also help me express my creativity and interests.

What do your clothes say about you? What do you say about your clothes? Tell me!

First day of work tomorrow! So excited! 

Have a wonderful, blessed Wednesday, everyone! ♥