Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Creating Creativity!

I've decided to shake things up a bit with the topics of my blog posts, which I have honestly been looking forward to for quite some time, and shall begin a series of new topics quite soon! I have been looking over many premade lists of things to write about, and while I was about to start following that list today, I held down backspace and decided to do something a bit more creative, a bit more me, for this sort of thing.

Firstly, I post a lot of pictures. Lots. I'm a happy photographer. But I am also a writer and wish to write MORE on this blog. I want to discuss my thoughts and feelings more, and I know that journaling such things is supposed to be healthy for one. I've never been a diary-keeper, and I don't plan on writing anything that personal here, but I want to write more about my views on this wonderful world I capture in pictures!

Secondly, along the lines of me being a writer...I'm one of those people who like to write essays. I could be paid to do it and I would be happy. This is pretty self-explanatory here and goes back to the point above. Though worry not! I shan't be posting huge, lengthy slices of my brain. I may do some other things to shake up my posts, too.

So I've got some plans for this blog right now, plans that will help me get rid of the creative energy building up in me. In this process, I do hope that I can inspire others to be fearless and break free of any molds they think they have fallen into. Go forth and be creative, my dears! It feels quite lovely and certainly helps to make a day bright with imaginative cheer.

Wish me luck in the planning of these new ideas! 

Have a lovely Tuesday, all!