Saturday, January 18, 2014

Passing the First Week of Classes

So, my friends, it has been a little while since I last wrote here, and a new semester in college is to blame for that one. While the amount of classes I am taking is normal, the schedule has been crammed into two days, making me unavailable then, and then loaded with homework for the next several days, especialy Wednesday, which is my day in between classes AND church activities all smunched into one. Oi! But, regardless, I am sruviving quite well, it seems, and am keeping ontop of everything. I seem to have some great professors, and the classes are fun and right up my alley. I'm doing more creative writing for this English class, which thrills the eloquent side of my mind to no end, and my Humanities class encouragest being artistic, too. In fact, I've been placed into a literary group there. We're to make a magazine as a class project based off of something that stands out to us in each chapter. Fun things ahead there, I do believe.

As you can tell, I've been pretty busy. Very busy, to say the least. I'm hoping to get a hold of this schedule and find out soon if it would be possible for me to apple for a part time job in a salon, but looking at everything from now, I may not be able to. It could end up meaning I sacrifice my grades...which wuld hurt, seeing as I would like to hang onto that 4.0 I got last year.

So it is certainly a time for prayer, and I have been working on that very much as well. Trying my hardest to finish a prayer and not fall asleep in bed at the end of the day like I have done a few times so far. I'm trying to start praying earlier and earlier so that the chances of me falling asleep while I'm talking to God will slim down...but then everyone wants to be around me because they haven't seen me all day, so there's that. I'll get that balance worked out soon.

No pictures today, I'm afraid. I haven'lt had anything exciting to photograph, save for a few selfies taken in a slaphappy moment between me and my sister. I could write pictures worth a million words about what I see at school between classes, but that would freak people out. It freaks me out. It's very odd, very odd.

I can't think of anything else to update you all on at the moment. I'm on my tablet, so excuse any odd typos you find. The keyboard is significantly smaller than what I'm used to, so an extra key may slip in here and there. This should come in handy for English class, though, since the classroom has no computers in it to write on. Haha!

Dinner seems to be getting close to being done, so I'm off to feed the younger mouths!

Have a great Saturday, everyone! <3