Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Snowing!

Bit intense today. School was canceled AFTER I was dropped off, making for a rather awful trip for my mom. We rode together today to save gas, so she was out shopping. She turned around when she heard the college had closed, came and got me, and then we began our 20 mph trek down the interstate. In one place we slid down the center of the highway between semis and a lane full of cars...sideways. That was a bit of fun...Not really. Now the car is stuck on the side of the mountain leading to my house, and it looks like AAA will get here in about 5 hours to help us. So we just hiked to the house, down to the car to get groceries, and back again. In three inches (and growing!) of snow. So with our car about a five to ten minute hike away from our house, we can only sit and wait and hope that no one else slides down the hill and slams into the car....If we tried to move it anymore, we'd be in a deep ditch. So, we'll see. Sitting and praying, thankful that God protected us on our dangerous way home. Aside from worrying about the condition of the car, we're snug inside admiring the fluff that is acumulating rather quickly now.

Took some pictures to share! Hope you're all safe in this winter weather!