Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good Sparkling Buttons!

I have recently adopted these little beauties. My mom found them in a plastic bag and considered tossing them out, but I quickly ran up and, like the pack rat I am, offered to take them instead with plans to use them in my crochet work. I can see broaches and button-up satchels in the future...and I shall do it, too! These little things are elegant and have just the right about of glam to work with even the most rustic of projects. I tend to see a use for anything everything (hence my hoarding of bottles and ribbons), and these screamed of usefulness to me. So now they're in my room, about to be sorted into my bead box...even though they are, in fact, buttons.

While I was deciding how to present this unique story of adoption to you all, I was playing with the settings on my new camera. Turns out, there is a special effect that puts sparkles into your picture. The results are lovely, and I was greatly amused and inspired to sparkle-fy everything. If it weren't quite so cold outside, I'd go take pictures of frost and ice and make them sparkle like a winter wonderland!

Ah, I digress. Enough rambling for now! I just wanted to show off my beads and sparkles, ha!

Wishing you all a great Tuesday, even if you are all frozen over....like we are here. We have to leave the faucets running so the water pips don't freeze again, and there are heaters under the house and in the bee yard.

Stay warm and avoid the ice on the roads! ♥