Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh, Majestic Mountain.

{Never will there be a time I will turn down a trip to the mountains.}

{We were all stunned by the amount of very green plant life in one area along the trail we took to the overlook.}

{As it turns out, we discovered that the ground in the path of green down the mountainside was quite gooshy, wet and slightly muddy. Standing there, we were in awe that there was most likely a stream of fresh water coursing through the ground below our feet, nourishing the many mountain plants along its trip downward. It was an amazing thought to think of how nature works like that, and we were standing on it. How amazing God is to have designed that alone, and He designed it all!}

{The closer we got to the overlook, the more the wind picked up, cooling off the air tremendously. We had been sheltered from the blasts while under the guard of sleepy trees, but not near the point. Because it was so much cooler here, little soft clumps of snow hid in every cranny and over wide shadowed areas. It was adorable, and everywhere you looked there was a little poofy surprise of white fluff peering back out at you!}

{The view from the overlook was stunning! You can see on the mountainside where the deciduous trees were, because there were bare trails all through the pines remaining, making it look like a caterpillar had chewed through hungrily! And the sky here. Oh. There were three skies in one. It just faded seamlessly, high and high, getting bluer and bluer.}

{Moss. If you can't tell by now, I love it.}

This is the place I love. Every time I look at these pictures, I am inspired. Inspired to create, inspired to live. God gave us life to live, and I feel most alive when I am surrounded by the beauty of His creation. Being in this place, seeing this place, smelling the fresh mountain air and the damp earth beneath my feet...I live in God's world, and nothing makes me happier than that! I am truly at home here.