Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Still Alive and Well!

I'm not dead, I promise.

So, you all know that my main, beautiful computer's hard drive died. Got it. So I decided I'd use my laptop until I could get it fixed. Good plan, except that the little box in the cord for my laptop decided to fry, so now I can't get my laptop to charge anymore. After a few days of putting up with no working computers of my own (and I hate to borrow someone else's PC because I feel like I'm invading, you know?) I remembered that I could still get my old 2005 Windows XP up an going! Up until last January 2012 I had been using it since it was bought in, but then I was gifted a lovely, souped up Windows 7 when I started college. My XP runs great, but she's slow and I spent a whole day updating the antivirus software because she hadn't been run in a year. So I do have a computer to use, but there are a few things that make her jam up, such as trying to put the camera card in to get pictures off it. Nu-uh. She hoses up when I try to do that. And for some reason the CD drives won't open, which causes a whole new set of problems for me in relation to learning songs for choir. I hate to impose on family members by using their computers, but I want to learn a song to sing at church for my first solo that I hope to get.

So, either I'll post pictures from my life way back when, if My Pictures will open without "not responding" popping up.

It's an adventure over here for sure, but I'm not complaining. I have a great computer that still works, and it gets the job done...even if it puts a crimp on blogging. I have tons of pictures to share with you all from my last few days of constant fishing, but the computer can't handle it.

I suppose I can try to write posts that have no pictures, you know, all article like, but the week has been so packed already.....Heck. I could write about that! There is enough content there for that, I do suppose.

For now, though, I shall be off. I woke up early this morning to be off toward Atlanta to take the first part of my Cosmetology state licensing exam, and I passed it! The next exam is on the 23rd, so prayers would be appreciated! ♥

Have a wonderful Tuesday, my friends! God bless you all!