Friday, September 13, 2013

How My Summer Has Ended

{There is nothing more magical than the look of leaves from the bottom as you stare past the canopies and into the sky above.}

{The shallows here are clear and bright, filled with milky caramel sand and small stones, and overflowing with tiny wildlife.}

{These are the most intriguing spiderwebs I have ever seen. This was not the first time I had seen them, but the first time I think I have taken pictures of them. They are quite prevalent in the trees not only around the lake, but around this part of the state around this time of year. They have leaves and all sorts of clutter in them, and look quite like cotton candy wrapped about the tree branches.}

 {The lake is very rich with life and light here.}

{As my mom and I explored around an island, we were stunned to come across a rusted, very dented Dodge that had apparently been smashed by a fallen tree, then left. It must have been in a field before the lake was either there or before the water was that high, but it was abandoned. There was also a very large and green fish skeleton in the back of it, and a tree growing out of the hood.}

{These trees were so fun. Especially the top one! It looks like a cactus! (This fishing is also VERY good near it.) }

And this is how the ending of my summer has been.

Have a lovely weekend, dear readers! ♥ Love you all!