Friday, June 7, 2013

Peaceful Thunderstorm

It's raining right now. A nice storm spawned most likely from the tropical storm, making the world outside my bedroom window dark and very wet. Thunder is booming in the distance,  raindrops are pummeling the front porch, and the shrubs outside my window are being bullied by the wind. It's nothing violent, thankfully. Just a wonderful thunderstorm. There is nothing like one of those coming up one evening when you have nothing planned, making you feel all snug inside your house. I just love to turn out the lights and stare outside. It is just so peaceful. I took some pictures of it quickly with my phone to share.

At the moment, however, I am not staring out of the window (though I do take a moment every so often to glance out and admire the weather). Currently, I am picking through seed beads and threading them onto red thread, crocheting another necklace. I have hopes of selling this one, and I plan to make many more to have in stock for whenever someone wants one. Nothing makes me happier, though, than seeing the smiles on the faces of folks I give necklaces. I can't wait to make one for my grandmother when she comes down to visit. I'm going to let her pick out the colors of thread and beads she wants while she's here, though, because it's hard to imagine colors over the phone.

School has also started up again. We have been moved to new stations in the classroom, and I'm excited to be near the windows and sunshine. Any bit of dread I felt a few weeks ago, every little bit of anxiety, has all but vanished, leaving me with a strong zest and excitement for the work ahead. I love what I do, and the excitement my classmates feel only fuels me onward. We are all almost done! 

Today, though, I am relaxed. I woke up at ease and nothing has bothered my day to change that. I'm thankful for days like these. These are the days you can sit back and examine your life, counting your blessings and realizing how much good there has been. It's just a good time to reflect, and reflect I shall.

How is your week going? What can you reflect on today?
P.S. I just realized I have forgotten to mention that several months ago I got another aloe plant. It's called a Blue Elf, if memory serves, and it is adorable. A nice addition to my "growing" collection. In the mean time, my main aloe is getting HUGE. I had to repot it not too long ago. I love it. ♥